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ACTV Video Youth Group – Perspectives

ACTV Video Youth Group – Perspectives

ACTV Jerusalem Video Youth Group

Day 7 | 16 December 2015


camera angles


Today’s session started with a pretty intense conversation as group members shared experiences of the week. Everyone had the opportunity, as always, to share their individual perspectives, and the conversation focused around the difficult current climate in Jerusalem. All the shared perspectives were heard respectfully, allowing each member to express themselves in a group circle, different from their usual environment, simply by being a mixed group.

Both sides of the group, the Jewish side and the Arab side, expressed feelings of fear and tension, inherent in everyday life in Jerusalem.

The conversation turned to members’ feelings that the group needs to take a step forward in including everyone – hanging out together in breaks and not splitting up into cliques.

As we spoke, the group facilitators, Asaf and Khaled, only intervened to guide the style of rhetoric, facilitating a respectful dialogue, in contrast to the accusatory tone that is often prevalent when  expressing strong feelings of frustration. They helped each group member to speak from their own perspective, without generalising about others, while personally addressing whoever they were talking to, and making eye contact (even if they don’t speak the same language, but are being simultaneously translated).

This allowed the group to grow together, integrating multiple perspectives, developing a group language and culture with a sense of respect and trust.

Many had never heard the other side speak their feelings in this way – a small, intimate circle of peers, that is now becoming a circle of friends.


We continued the meeting by watching a short animated film, Late One Night, an animated short by Asaf Shahar. The group was asked to focus on the narrative, later discussing the story that was told, using no words, but, rather, a series of animated scenes.

Late One Night - Asaf Shahar's animted story of a clumsy burglar and an old lonely woman.

Late One Night – Asaf Shahar’s animted story of a clumsy burglar and an old lonely woman.

In this animated short, we meet Tania an old lonely woman with nothing left but memories encapsulated in old photographs and Ivan, a clumsy, sympathetic burglar, searching for something of value.

By the end of the year each group member will have collaborated on a short film, expressing a perspective, or multiple perspectives and sharing a unique narrative. It is important to start analysing different forms of narrative and storytelling in short film.

In the break, everyone hung out together which was great fun!

No one stuck to their usual groups and everyone continued to talk and share perspectives.

Perspectives - Camera angles

We then continued by learning a few more camera angles and a quick introduction to storyboards, followed by an on the spot change to the planned activity.

ACTV Jerusalem Video Youth Group – Story boards

Each member found a partner they didn’t know from before and spent ten minutes just talking about each other’s lives. They then each drew a storyboard in six frames of each other’s lives and shared it with the group.

Story boarding - ACTV Video Youth Group

Each member spent ten to fifteen minutes telling and hearing about their lives and then made a storyboard about it.

In this way, not only did we learn more about cinema and narrative, but we got to learn more about each other.

 Everyone told a story from their perspective

Everyone told a story from their perspective

Perspectives – ACTV Jerusalem Video Youth Group

Youth from East and West Jerusalem come together to learn how to make movies

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The ACTV Video Youth program has now entered it’s 4th year, bringing together teens from all over East and West Jerusalem to learn how to direct, film and edit their own amazing movies, sharing experiences and creating new narratives together.

The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department

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