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שינויים בלו"ז מחלקת הספורט בחג פורים ופסחא تغييرات في ساعات النادي الرياضي والبركة للجمعة العظيمة Good Friday, Purim & Easter Sport Department Hour Change

שינויים בלו”ז מחלקת הספורט בחג פורים ופסחא تغييرات في ساعات النادي الرياضي والبركة للجمعة العظيمة Good Friday, Purim & Easter Sport Department Hour Change

Swimming Lessons at the YMCA

Swimming lessons for all ages at the YMCA! The best coaches & instructors in town – Professional swimming lessons – Improvement of technique – Competitive swim team

نقفز مباشرة الى الماء

المدربون الافضل في المدينة – دروس سباحة مختصة – على حسب الطريقة الامريكية (تجذيف في البداية – تحسين مستوى السباحة والتحضير لمنتخب السباحة


Xmas and New Year’s hours at our Health & Wellness Center – Be sure to check out the timetable for the up and coming holidays + Check out our Special Saturday Night Zumba Party!


This Friday, December 11th at 11AM, JOIN US for an energy packed ZUMBA DANCE PARTY at the YMCA Wellness center. All are Invited! Bring family and friends!

Group Exercise Classes

Check out all our amazing exercise classes! Whether you love to push yourself to your limits or just like to have fun dancing, we’ve got something for everyone.

Urban Triathlon

It’s not too soon to start training for the JIY’s first Urban Triathlon. Register at our membership office before all of the slots are filled!

טריאתלון עירוני

ביום הראשון של השנה האזרחית אנו מזמינים את כולם לבוא ולהשתתף ב- 8 מקצים של טריאתלון ראשון בימקא

Succot Schedule Changes

Succot is just around the bend and we would like to give our members a heads up regarding schedule changes. Please read on: click to enlarge and HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Holiday Schedule Changes

Memorial and Independence days are upon us and as usual we have made slight changes to our fitness schedule Please see if your training program is affected.

Holocaust Remembrance Day Group Exercise Schedule

תכנית שיעורים ליום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה  / ذكرى الكارثة                      Holocaust Remembrance Day Group Exercise Schedule תוכנית שיעורים כרגיל, פרט ל: / برنامج الدروس كالعادة ما عدا :  /   Class Schedule as usual except:

Changes in Pool Schedule April - June 2015

שינויים בלוח הזמנים בבריכה אפריל – יוני 2015 ساعات اضافية للسباحة – من نيسان وحتى حزيران 2015 Changes in Pool Schedule  April – June 2015   Wednesday רביעי الأربعاء   Sunday ראשון الاحد 7:05-9:30 Mixed מעורב  مختلط 5:45-9:30 Mixed מעורב  مختلط 09:30-11:30 Preschool גן حضانة 09:30-11:30 Preschool גן حضانة 11:30-12:00 Women  נשים نساء 11:30-12:00 Women  נשים نساء 12:00-12:45 התעמלות מים נשיםتمارين مائية  […]

Xmas schedule announcement

Happy holidays to all! Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to wish all the best to all of our members and friends. We have made some slight schedule changes so we recommend that you take a quick glance at them. Best wishes and see you soon.

YMCA Fitness Succoth Schedule

With Succoth just around the corner we would like to provide you with all of the relevant schedule changes to the YMCA fitness program. Dear members Please click to read more.

Yom Kippur Fitness Schedule Changes

With Yom Kippur taking place on a weekend this year we would like to bring to your attention a few fitness schedule changes. To all of our observing members we wish an easy fast.   For a printable version of this schedule – Click Here

YMCA Spinning In The Street

Twice a week a group of women meet at the YMCA to exert themselves in our indoor cycling class. Last week the Tuesday morning class decided to take spin class outside.

Holiday Group Exercise Class Schedule

Easter and Passover are here and with them come some changes to the planned group exercise schedule. Make sure you get acquainted with these temporary changes. Happy holiday from the training staff here at JIY.

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