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YMCA Jerusalem Young Leaders – Connecting Wall

The Connecting Wall 

Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth

Day 9 | 12 January 2015


We had a great time today, decorating the youth center, and making pasta for dinner! There was an exciting and energetic energy that filled the room, and it was absolutely awesome.


Today’s meeting was special – we started making our wall – not a Facebook wall…a real one! This wall has nothing to do with dividing and everything to do with coming together as we are designing it and making it ours as a group!

The Connecting Wall

Working together on a our wall, sharing our creativity and communicating through art.

We divided into two teams that were evenly mixed between Jewish and Arab participants and as a team, decided what we want people to see when they come in to the Youth Department. We felt this should include something special that shows everyone who we are and what are group is about and also something that represents the whole youth department.



We had so much fun – everyone was laughing together as we painted, we sat on one another’s laps, and truly worked together as a team.

The Connecting Wall

Today it felt like we all understood each other.

We’ve been working a lot on getting to know each other and on communication, especially as we don’t all speak the same language. Today it felt like we all understood each other.

We didnt finish the wall so we will continue adding to it every week. Now when we come to the Y, the first thing we see is our beautiful artwork that we created together, and everyone else can see it too!



The Connecting Wall – The YMCA Jerusalem Young Leaders Youth Group

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The Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth Group has now entered it’s 4th year, bringing together teens from all over East and West Jerusalem to practice methodologies in group leadership, personal commitment, cooperative group projects and discuss issues relating to their everyday lives in Jerusalem.

The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department


The Connecting Wall – The Young Leaders Youth Group

at the Jerusalem International YMCA

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