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Group Exercise Classes @ the Jerusalem YMCA

Group Exercise Classes @ the Jerusalem International YMCA Wellness Center

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Ditch the workout – join he party! Zumba combines elements of Latin dance styles such as salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggaeton, flamenco, samba and tango info fun, sexy, dance routines to energizing  Latin music.

Emphasis is on the FUN!

The energy is so contagious that it feels like you are at a club with your friends.

Cardio & Sculpt

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A creative mix of cardio and full body strength.

Guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping and your body moving!

Step Aerobics

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A challenging cardiovascular workout with advanced choreography using the step.

Body Sculpt

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A strength conditioning class that works all major muscle groups, increases bone density and improves flexibility. This class uses hand weights, bands, balls, tubing, and body weight for the resistance exercises to develop muscular strength and endurance.

Core Conditioning

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A total body conditioning workout with emphasis on the abdominal and back muscles.


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A system of exercise developed to achieve optimal strength and flexibility by focusing on proper alignment and form.

Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and back for improved posture and injury prevention.

Strength, Stretch and Balance

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A class that integrates different modalities such as yoga, Pilates and ballet through flowing movements that improve balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion.

Functional use of our own body weight improves muscle strength without the need for equipment.

Calming background music promotes the flow of movement for a full mind-body experience.

Yoga (Integrative)

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This class is based on an ancient discipline of coordinated breath and movement to promote balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

This workout is designed to reduce stress, energize and promote a feeling of well-being.

This class integrates Feldenkrais and Pilates with classical Yoga poses.

Yoga (Vijnana)

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A more active form of yoga (see above)


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Gyrokinesis exercises are designed to work the entire body through spinal movement and joint articulation.

Based on the body’s natural ability to move forward and backward, side to side and with circular and spiral moves, the movements are designed to be rhythmic and fluid. Rater than specific postures or stances being held for long periods of time, Gyrokinesis exercises are smoothly integrated, seeming more like dance than traditional yoga.

Natural breathing patterns are also incorporated into Gyrokinesis exercises.


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Gentle, non-strenuous movements to help reeducate the nervous system for improved posture and efficiency of movement.

Often referred to as “awareness through movement”, Feldenkrais provides therapeutic benefits for people of all ages.


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A water exercise class to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

Water aerobics benefits your body by providing you with 12 times the resistance of land-based classes with only 10% of the stress on your body.

Men’s Fitness



Improve your strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness with this full body workout.