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International Childbirth Conference at JIY

The Jerusalem International YMCA hosted an International Childbirth Conference last week. The event was a huge success.

Birth professionals from a variety of countries learned new information and practical techniques from 3 famous, world-renowned birth experts. Already the results are being felt as midwives and doulas are writing to Amanda and me reporting how they have used these techniques to help women who are ‘stuck’ in labor. The organizers of the event have already informed us that as an immediate result of the conference even midwives with decades of experience were astounded by the success of the skills they picked up  and they are thrilled to have learned something new after all their years in the field.

childbirth conference jerusalem ymca 2015


One of the event’s collaborators, Rachelle Oseran wrote to us saying, “We were very fortunate to have been the recipients of a generous donation from the Foundation: ‘One Region, One Future’, which enabled us to have simultaneous translation into Hebrew and Arabic on the main conference days. In order to offer this to Arabic-speaking midwives, we gave 12 full and partial scholarships to these midwives from East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Nahariya. As a result, these women were able, for the first time ever, to participate in an educational event of international standard.”

penny-simkinOn her return to the US another one of the event’s collaborators, Penny Simkin, wrote about her experience. This is a small excerpt:

“Rachelle Oseran and Amanda Goldman sponsored my recent trip to Jerusalem, where I gave some workshops. They sent me this photo of me outside the Jerusalem YMCA, where the conferences were held. I love the inscription on the wall outside the Jerusalem Y, where I stayed. It was a very meaningful trip. My friend and fellow DONA Mentor, Kathy Lindstrom, and I gave a birth doula training for 40 dedicated and talented women from Israel, Canada, the USA, Ukraine, and Russia. It was remarkable, once again, to be reminded that childbirth holds the same attraction, passion, and fascination for women from all walks of life, representing many ages, religions, nationalities, and languages. I loved my time with them. I also gave a one day workshop for about 350 birth workers — doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, massage therapists, and others. It was inspiring to present some of my favorite topics to them, and to hear their concerns, questions, and opinions about the challenges they face in bringing the needs of women and babies into the center of maternity care in their countries. Our heads were dizzy with excitement and a little trepidation to be presenting to such knowledgeable and capable people.
Rachel and Amanda were lovely hosts for us, and plied us with delicious food and warm hospitality, despite all the demands of coordinating this enormous undertaking. I’ll never forget this wonderful trip!”

Event coordinators, Rachelle Oseran, Amanda Goldman and Debby Tamir emailed to thank the entire staff of the JIY for all their support for this very successful event. Due to attendee inquires regarding future conferences, brainstorming for a future event is already in the works with the hope of keeping the same partnership with the JIY.

In short the event was a smashing success and we at the JIY certainly look forward to hosting many more such conferences here at the Jerusalem International YMCA.


Please check out the conference website