What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

Jerusalem Formula 2014 on our street


Attention Members!

The Second Jerusalem Formula 2014 event will take place in our neck of the woods the week following the Yom Kippur and Idel Adcha weekend in. The event is spread out over two days, Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 6th & 7th, and as a result most streets leading to the JIY will be closed and it will be difficult to get to our facility.

The police will allow our members to enter and exit our parking facility by car from Keren Hayesod and Washington street. for more information about this event you can visit its Facebook Page.

On Monday evening, 6.10, Men’s Fitness at 17:45 and Zumba at 19:00 will not take place. There is a chance that instructors may arrive late to class.

With that said we would like to wish everyone a

Happy Holiday. חג שמח, عطلة سعيدة


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