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Jerusalem YMCA Summer Camp 2014 Is Here!

לחצו למידע בעברית

This year the Jerusalem YMCA Summer Camp will be packed with excitement.

Great kids, fun activities, and healthy food come in three programs the children can choose from:

  • Science and Technology
  • The Performing Arts
  • Camping and Sports

Ages 6-14
Open 6 days a week!!!


First session – 1st July – 21st July – 18 days – 2580 NIS

2nd session (English summercamp) 23rd July – 4th August – 11 days – 1570 NIS

Third session – 6th August – 26th August – 18 days – 2580 NIS


5% off

  • on early registration till 3rd June
  • for siblings
  • on registration for additional session
  • Group registrations (from 5 kids & up)

 *Up to 10% off per child, maximum.



Activity time by days

8am – 3.30pm, Sunday – Thursday, Includes breakfast snack, Lunch and afternoon snack

8am – 12:30, Friday, Includes breakfast snack, and afternoon snack

Optional late pick up – Sunday-Thursday, 4pm , Friday 1pm, (180 NIS per session)

Three activity programs to choose from

Science and Technology – For those campers whole love to invent, tinker, think and solve we will build working model cars, planes and other contraptions whilst discovering gravity, friction, inertia, optics and more. We will learn and play chess, and have fun solving science and logic puzzles together and be introduced to inventors and innovators who changed the world.

The Performing Arts – For campers who love to move and perform, in the Performing Arts we will improvise, create and play, making puppets, costumes and sets. We will dance, act and perform, whilst learning about influential performers, and put on the Summer camp play.

Camping and Sports – Camping and Sports is perfect for campers who love ball games, sports and nature. We will build our own camp, learn how to cook outdoors, read a map and compass, tie knots and much more. We will have soccer and basketball training and matches, Capoeira/Breakdance, races, competitions, and many energy packed games for kids who can’t stop moving.

All campers will enjoy Swimming lessons, Art workshops, Group games and activities, Inflatables, our Game room and much, much more with new and old friends in our multi-cultural and multi-lingual summer camp.

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For more information please contact us:

Tel: +972-2-5692677, or +972-57-7208281
Email: summercamp@ymca.org.il

Don’t miss out, The Jerusalem YMCA summer camp is always a hoot.