What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

Jerusalem YMCA Youth Street Theatre

The Jerusalem YMCA Youth Street Theater is waiting to surprise you.
You’re walking down the street. Before your very eyes – Drama!
You can’t move. You find yourself participating in a
theatrical-musical performance full of life, movement and fun!
Do you have a voice? An opinion? Something you want to share?
Join us at The Jerusalem International YMCA Youth Street Theatre.
Join talented, imaginative and creative 14-17 year olds, that care and want to develop, influence and perform.


Directed and facilitated by:
Efrat Eyal, founder of the Dor Theatre and JIY Youth Department Director
Gabriella Finegold, Brandeis University Massachusetts, USA

For Details and audition please contact Efrat Eyal

052-2563322  or  youth@ymca.org.il

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