What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

JIY Chorus Sings at the US Consulate

The American Consulate in Jerusalem held its traditional July 4th reception on June 4th this year… The two reasons being that the Consul General, Mr. Ratney, (who is also a member of our Board) is leaving his post on June 19th, and that July 4th falls during Ramadan.

At last week’s reception, the American hymn was sung by the JIY’s chorus, headed by Micah Hendler,  and in his speech, the outgoing Consul General made the following comment on the chorus and on the YMCA in general:

“…You just heard the beautiful music of the Jerusalem Youth Choir. Walk up the street a few blocks and you’ll see the Jerusalem International YMCA, the living embodiment of our common humanity…”

The entire speech is really inspiring, and can be read here.