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Why You Should Join The Jerusalem YMCA Youth Chorus

Imagine hearing yourself on the radio! Touring the world! Speaking English! Meeting new people! Having fun! Sharing stories! Making music videos!

Just back from a smash-hit tour to Japan, and about to release our first professional music video, the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus is looking forward to a fun and challenging year full of beautiful music, incredible experiences, and new friends.


We meet weekly at the Jerusalem International YMCA to sing together and learn from one another, and can’t wait for you to join us! The chorus is led by Micah Hendler, an internationally-performed conductor from Yale University in the United States and former member of the Yale Whiffenpoofs. The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus welcomes both Arab and Jewish students from the Jerusalem area.



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Please feel free to contact Micah Hendler with any additional questions: micah@jerusalemyouthchorus.org | 054-487-8856

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