What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

The New YMCA Website Is Here!

Welcome to the new Jerusalem International YMCA website.

We’re happy to invite you to get familiar with our new digital face, and home away from home. The new Jerusalem YMCA site is here to serve its surrounding community, and there’s something here for everyone, guaranteed.
The JIY is an institution known for promoting the kind of dialogue that is the basis for acceptance and mutual respect. We hope this new venue will further the possibilities for people to get together and converse on matters that are important to all of us, and reflect on the quality of our lives.

The YMCA Experience is the name of our new blog

In it you will be able to track all of our regular and special activities. From special events to exercise scheduling changes you will find it all here. We recommend you sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of things or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
We ask our community members to share their experiences with us both in words and images, whether by mail or on any of the social venues on which we participate. We are waiting to engage in dialogue with you.