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YMCA Young Leaders Youth Group – Planning in Action

Planning in Action 

Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth Group

Day 10 | 19 January 2015



Today we spent the evening planning Thursday’s up and coming Seminar.

This is the first time we will be spending more than three hours together and we are all really excited about it.

The plan is to have a SLEEPOVER starting Thursday at 4.30pm and ending around 1pm on Friday.

Asaf and Khaled are planning part of the activities, but most of the fun is being left to us to work out.

We have divided in to three committees:

Group Activities Com mittee

Sleeping Committee

Food Committee

Each committee has to include both Jews and Arabs, and must plan part of the SLEEPOVER.

We have to take in to consideration everyone’s needs and wishes, and find a balance that everyone can enjoy, without leaving anyone out.

This is the first time we have been given such a large responsibility and some of it is a bit challenging…we didn’t finish off all the planning and will be continuing to work things out from home, during the next day or two before the SLEEPOVER.

Part of the preparations involved getting the Youth department ready for the SLEEPOVER.

Pots and pans organised in musical key!









We tidied and cleaned everything really well, and when we reorganized the kitchen, we hanged the pots and pans in ascending musical key!



Planning in Action – The YMCA Jerusalem Young Leaders Youth Group

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The Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth Group has now entered it’s 4th year, bringing together teens from all over East and West Jerusalem to practice methodologies in group leadership, personal commitment, cooperative group projects and discuss issues relating to their everyday lives in Jerusalem.

The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department


Planning in Action – The Young Leaders Youth Group

at the Jerusalem International YMCA

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