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Young Leaders – Public Speaking

Young Leaders – Public Speaking

Day 5 | 1/12/15


Public Speaking - Analysing Malala Yousafzhai's Un speech

Public Speaking – Analysing Malala Yousafzhai’s Un speech

As usual, we began by making delicious soup together as a team, and continued with many interesting and thoughtful discussions.

We then met with Olivia, a Korean delegate from the International Youth Peace Group. This enthusiastic and passionate woman was inspiring to all, as she talked about the global network of youth working towards peace. She spoke about the importance of youth working together, as change happens when we connect our differences in hopes of creating a positive future. She emphasized the role youth have always had within social justice work and encouraged us all to continue to use our strength and power as youth to better the world.

The best part of the experience was when the group discussed, with Olivia, their thoughts, questions, and their role as young leaders. We were all excited to hear about other youth groups doing similar work. Group members asked important questions such as: “Who funds this initiative?”, What can we do to get involved?”, What are the peace projects they are working on?”

Danya: “It’s nice to know that their are other youth who are also working for peace.”

Young Leaders – Public Speaking

We then got down to today’s main activity, Public Speaking, in preparation for the tours we will be giving and other presentations and workshops in the future.
Public speaking is an important tool in every leader’s toolbox, allowing us to convey our message coherently and convincingly in order to affect change and to inspire.
We started by watching Malala Yousafzai’s UN speech, in which Malala spoke about the importance of educating women and children equally.

malala youtube

Malala Yousafzai, now about 18 years old, is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. She is known mainly for human rights advocacy for education and for women in her native Swat Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of northwest Pakistan, where the local Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school. Yousafzai’s advocacy has since grown into an international movement. Malala started advocating at age 11 and has since become an influential youth leader. (Wikipedia)

It was important to show the group that leadership can start from an early age.
Malala Yousafzai Leadership card -Graphics by Asaf Shahar

Last week we looked at leadership cards and discussed Qualities of Leadership.

Malala was inspiring and empowering to the young leaders, who identified with her message and eloquence.

Aharon: “Malala is a great leader and speaker because she maintains eye contact and confidence. These are difficult and important, and something we’re all trying to get better at!”

Carmel: “Malala was interesting and a fantastic speaker. It was fun to follow her because she spoke in a rhythmic and lyrical pattern.”

After watching the speech, the leaders brainstormed the top 10 things that made Malala a powerful and effective speaker.

Public Speaking - Analysing Malala Yousafzhai's Un speech

Public Speaking – Analysing Malala Yousafzhai’s Un speech

Lastly, each member gave a short talk ( a minute) on any subject. The group and the group facilitators, Asaf and Khaled, then gave constructive criticism, helping everyone learn how to utilise eye contact, body language, intonation and self confidence and more, to improve public speaking.

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The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department

Public Speaking – The Young Leaders Youth Group

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