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The YMCA Young Leaders Youth Group – Setting Expectations

Setting Expectations 

Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth

Day 8 | 22 December 2015



Today we continued the process of sharing and setting expectations from the program, the group and ourselves. At the end of this process everyone in the group will have a better sense of what we are trying to accomplish, and what we expect from each other.

This will help in achieving our goals and at the same time, create the environment in which we can communicate, share and understand one and the other.

We started by taking some time to write down our

Expectations from the program
Expectations from the group
Expectations from ourselves

for each of these expectations we wrote things we would like to keep, things we would like to add and things we would like to let go, for example,

Things I’d like to let go – “There is a divide between us – I expect from myself  to connect more and get rid of the divide – ”

Things I’d like to keep – “I expect understanding and mutual respect from the group”

Things I’d like to add – “I want (from the program) more time in small discussion groups. I want to talk about politics and get to know the other side more”

Setting Expectations – The YMCA Jerusalem Young Leaders Youth Group

After this we played a game – we divided into two teams and had to run to the board, shout out an expectation and then draw a star and run back. The first group to complete twelve stars (3 for each participant) won.

This was a lot of fun, and even though we couldn’t really hear each others expectations yet, it really got us in the mood to hear more.



After this game we  broke for fruit salad…as we kinda’ had enough of soup for now 🙂

When we returned we sat down to share and discuss our expectations.

Setting Expectations

A lot of us had things in common while, each member had specific expectations differing from others.

We put them all down on the board so that we could have it all concentrated in front of our eyes.



A lot of the group had things to say to our facilitators about how we would like the group to be run and the type of things we are more interested in doig together. On their part, they stressed how important it is to arrive on time and come to very meeting, so we can fulfill all our expectations together.

Everyone agreed that we need to balance activities that are purely fun with activities that focus more on substance.

This process is so important for the group to move forward and is also an opportunity to learn how to really get a sense of what everyone wants and needs from the group.

Here are some more things that came up:

“To be able to communicate, even without a translator.”

“To know everyone really well.”

“To have the meaning come from us.”

“To treat everyone with respect and patience (even when we don’t agree).”


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The Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth Group has now entered it’s 4th year, bringing together teens from all over East and West Jerusalem to practice methodologies in group leadership, personal commitment, cooperative group projects and discuss issues relating to their everyday lives in Jerusalem.

The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department


Setting Expectations – The Young Leaders Youth Group

at the Jerusalem International YMCA

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