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Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth group – Sharing Expectations

Sharing Expectations

Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth

Day 7 | 15 December 2015



Sharing Expectations

Today’s session began, as usual, making soup and salad together.

Afterwards we all shared what we have been up to over the last week.

We then shared personal pictures that were important to us and told something about us. Some portrayed hobbies, and others that were more abstract. We then spent some time creatively adding or changing our pictures to better share there meaning and significance to each of us.  We then returned to the circle to share our creativity and tell each picture’s story.


We all learned new things about each other, and saw ways in which we’re connected, that we didn’t know about before.

We then had a break, giving us some time for hot vegetable soup…

Sharing Expectations – The Young Leaders Youth Group

at the Jerusalem International YMCA

After the yummy soup break, in which all of us hung out together, we re-gathered in the group circle and discussed our individual expectations for the group.

Not only did we get to establish our own goals for the program, but we continued to practice effective communication skills with one another!

We could see that we share a lot of the same goals, yet everyone has individual expectations.

We could also see how every individual member has slightly different expectations from other group members, and sharing expectations gave everyone a stage in the circle to voice hopes and concerns.

Next week we will continue this process which will culminate in a group contract, in which we will put down all our own guidelines for the group dynamics and interpersonal behaviour, and a group vision.


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The Young Leaders Jerusalem Youth Group has now entered it’s 4th year, bringing together teens from all over East and West Jerusalem to practice methodologies in group leadership, personal commitment, cooperative group projects and discuss issues relating to their everyday lives in Jerusalem.

The group is facilitated by Khaled Rishek and Asaf Shahar of the YMCA Youth Department

Sharing Expectations – The Young Leaders Youth Group

at the Jerusalem International YMCA

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