What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

Swimming Lessons at the YMCA

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Swimming Lessons

at the

The Jerusalem International YMCA 


Jump Right In!

  • The best coaches & instructors in town
  • Where most of Jerusalem’s outstanding swimmers developed
  • Professional swimming lessons – the American way (crawl stroke first!)
  • Improvement of swimming technique & preparation for swim team
  • Competitive Swimming Team

Swim courses for:

Children (boys and girls ages 5-14)

Men (age 15 and up, Tuesdays)

Women (age 15 and up, Thursdays, starting January 5th)

Course Structure:

Children (ages 5 to 14): 16 thirty-minute lessons

Adults (ages 15 & over): 12 forty-minute lessons

Children’s course options:


Once a week –   Sundays 15:50 or 16:25 (from January 3rd)

Twice a week – Tuesday + Thursday 15:50 or 16:25 (from December 31st)

Price: 600 NIS

For more information:

YMCA Membership Office +97 2 569 2683/4