What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

The Yale Whiffenpoof’s at the YMCA!

The International Jerusalem YMCA is presenting a special treat for a cappella music lovers next week. on Monday June 23rd  The Yale Whiffenpoofs will perform at the YMCA for the second time in two years. The world’s oldest and best-known a cappella Singer’s group has been touring the world since it was established over one hundred years ago, and last year’s concert was a smash success.

Opening for the Whiffenpoofs will be the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus directed by Micah Hendler, a Whiffenpoof alumni himself. Hendler founded the Israeli-Palestinian youth chorus two years ago with the aim of applying the musical outreach concepts of the Whiffenpoofs into the Jerusalem chorus’ program.
The musical and ideological combination of the Whiffenpoofs and the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus promises an evening that will be both empowering and uplifting.
The show will begin at 20:00. Don’t miss it!
McKay Neild - Photographer

McKay Neild – Photographer

Monday June 23rd  20:00

NIS 85 adults  |    NIS 75 Adults AACI Members Pensioners and under 26

Tickets available at: www.aaci.org.il  |  Tel: 02-5661181