What's Going On At The Jerusalem Ymca

YMCA Jerusalem Summer Camp Fun

As in the past, this summer the Jerusalem International YMCA will offer one of the most diverse and friendly Summer Camps in town. Based in its lush historic campus, the YMCA offers children from all over the area a multi-disciplinary, fun filled challenging summer experience. If judging by summers past, fun will be had.
All of the YMCA’s campers will enjoy art workshops, swimming classes at the Y’s pool, group games and a all-round good time at this International, multi-lingual program . Part of the Camp will be dedicated to improving English and will enjoy special counselors from the USA.


For the active outdoor types who enjoy challenging themselves, the YMCA Jerusalem Summer Camp offers a Camping & Sports program that will engage the kids in building their own camp while learning rope knotting techniques, map and compass reading, nature studies and outdoor cooking. On top of that campers will enjoy ball games, sports activities and good natured competitions.


Creative Kids with active imaginations are welcomed to join the Y’s Performing Arts program. Here they will try their hand at singing, dancing, puppeteering and shadow casting. This program’s curriculum also includes improvisation games, and creating puppets, costumes and maquettes. The session will culminate with a summer camp stage production.


For future scientists and technology entrepreneurs, the Science and Technology program will hoist them into a world of model building, puzzle solving, and crazy inventions. They will encounter and incorporate the rules of physics into their activities. Chess and other mind expanding games with old and new found friends will fill their time.

Summer Camp runs in 3 sessions July thru August
Sundays to Thursdays 08:00 – 15:30 including breakfast, lunch and a snack
Fridays 08:00 – 12:00 including breakfast and a snack
An option for late pickup is available
Longer sessions (18 days) 2580 NIS shorter session (11 Days) 1570 NIS some discounts apply. read more…



Efrat Hatchwell Eyal – Summer Camp director

Contact:  02-5692677 |  057-7208281  Email: summercamp@ymca.org.il