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YMCA’s First Urban Triathlon

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JIY’s first Urban Triathlon

Friday, January 1, 2016 at 8am

On New Years Day, the YMCA invites you to take part in our first Urban Triathlon!

It’s not too soon to start training for the JIY’s first Urban Triathlon.

Participants over 12 will swim 800 meters in our indoor pool, bike for 30 minutes on our indoor cycles & run 4.5 K on our fitness center treadmills or outside on the bike path. There is also an option to complete the novice distances: swim 400 meters, bike 15 minutes and run 2 K.

Don’t want to do the whole race yourself?

Grab 1 or 2 friends and form a 2 or 3-person relay team!

Relay teams will all complete the full distances and times. Transition times will be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. Anyone over 10 minutes will get those minutes added to their final time.

Each participant will receive a medal of completion!

This event is limited to 100 individuals – 8 heats of 12 athletes – including participants who are members of relay teams!

Register at our membership office before all of the slots are filled!

Ages: 12 years old and up



YMCA Member  – NIS 160 until 15/12 and then  NIS 200

Non-Member  – NIS 200 until 15/12 and then  NIS 250


YMCA Member  – NIS 240 until 15/12 and then NIS 280

Non-Member  – NIS 300 until 15/12 and then NIS 340

For Info. on all events:

info@ymca.org.il | 02-5692684