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This class teachers children how to swim and to improve their form. It is given at the YMCA’s new sports center by the best teachers, with students divided into groups depending on skill level. The class teaches non-swimmers to swim, improves the existing skills of swimmers, and is fun for children at all levels.


Chess for beginners and for intermediate/advanced players.

The course is part of the YMCA Chess Club. The children will learn about the board, what the various pieces are and how they are placed and moved around on the board, and the rules of the game.

Playing chess improves a child’s problem-solving and planning abilities, encourages intellectual maturity, and boosts a child’s self-esteem.

Come join a class full of new friends and the pleasure of playing an ancient game still popular and relevant today, in the multicultural setting of the Jerusalem International YMCA.

Junior Chef

A children’s cooking class that also teaches good, healthy nutrition.

The Junior Chef class is designed to create a positive relationship between the child and food, creating a foundation for lifelong healthy eating.

The children, while practicing basic cooking exercises, will also be learning math, science, nutrition, art and reading. They will improve their motor skills and enjoy a fun social encounter in an environment conducive to developing self-esteem, teamwork, independence and personal responsibility.


Rhythmic body training that releases energy and builds strength. Aerobic exercise that incorporates dance and the kind of music that gets you moving.


Delicate paper-folding art combined with jewelry-making. Suitable for everyone, and each class ends with a small and very beautiful creation to take home with you.


The ancient Japanese martial art that arrived in Israel in recent years to growing popularity. The class is given by a professional teacher and introduces children to martial arts techniques integrated with a profound worldview.


An educational activity that exposes children to values through fascinating games and simulations. Recommended!


Photography through multicultural encounter. An introduction to the camera and the world of photography, while learning to see things in a different way.


The Korean martial art that integrates self-defense. The class is given by a professional teacher and introduces the children to the world of Korean physical training.

Art and science

A class that combines making art with observing the laws of nature, for children who love to create new worlds.

Together, the children learn new techniques, investigate cultures, and develop their intelligence and emotional expression.

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