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YMCA youth chorus

Jerusalem YMCA Youth Chorus

Young people from all over the city come together to make music and to sing in 3 languages, in a professional chorus founded by Micah Hendler (of the Duke’s Men of Yale).

This bilingual 40-member chorus is known and admired for its performances and musical partnerships in Israel and abroad. Director Micah Hendler brings academic and professional experience in music and in inter-group encounter. The chorus performs throughout the year, and its members wow audiences with the music they make together, reflecting on many levels the profound and ongoing encounter they sustain with one another.



Shared documentary filmmaking and dialogue through cinema. In this class, participants will learn techniques from the world of film, and together will make personal films that touch on their own lives.

Young people will enjoy the program’s combo of film studies and video editing. Participants create short docu films of 6-12 minutes, while conducting a dialogue. On various levels, they address subjects relevant to Jerusalem and its cultural and religious mosaic, with love and an awareness of the complexity that is part of living in this city. They also consider subjects that touch on their own personal world as young people, with a mix of individual and broader points of view.

Theater class

The Social Theater Ensemble

A processive study of various aspects of the theater, moving forward through dialogue to a performance that grows out of the enjoyment of their shared work.

Acting, writing, movement and imagination – the young people do it all. In the theater class, they move through these stages to greater professionalism under expert guidance, with an ongoing dialogue among participants about their choice of contents and manner of presenting it. At the end of the year, they give a performance together.

Instructors course

Training Course for Instructors in Young Leadership

This training for instructors in young leadership and social empowerment is designed for students who want to take part in a city-wide educational initiative.

Meant for people interested in the field of youth counseling and youth empowerment, this course provides a doorway into a fascinating world of emotional experience and constructive influence.

The training group comprises students in colleges and universities in Jerusalem in the fields of education (formal and informal), social sciences, social work, psychology and science. Participants are given tools to become youth counselors and learn to lead an educational process stressing community responsibility and solidarity. The goal of the training is to develop young people’s leadership skills and encourage values of responsibility, impart life skills and tools, and promote intersectional solidarity between the various communities of Jerusalem.

The counselor trainees will undergo a shared group process during which they will acquire a range of skills as facilitators, under various headings from the world of group work and facilitation. After the intensive facilitation phase, the trainees will begin working with groups of young people from different schools around the city, in tandem with continued guidance and enrichment via the course.

The training is given by two facilitators (a Jew and an Arab), experts in facilitator training. In addition, as part of the program, several lectures and/or workshops will be held (at the YMCA and elsewhere).

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Students in their second year or later of a course of study at an academic institution of higher learning in Jerusalem.
  2. A background in educational work and/or youth counseling or advising.
  3. A commitment to attending intensive training days (at the beginning), plus at least one day per week for ongoing guidance and/or supervision (generally on Fridays).

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