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YMCA auditorium

The Auditorium (The Mary Nathaniel Golden Hall of Friendship)

The Auditorium, renamed the Mary Nathaniel Golden Hall of Friendship after renovations in 2001, began operating in 1933 when the YMCA building was completed. It is spectacular in beauty, size and design, and its walls are coated with special Italian acoustic paint to improve and deepen the sound, making it a leading concert and music hall in Israel.

Over the years, the Auditorium has hosted outstanding events in Israel, including the YMCA’s popular Folklore Show, the Chamber Music Festival, concerts and other original performances. Many top local and foreign musicians have performed here, including Sunnah Jabarte, Zohar Fresco, Ravid Kahalani and others.

The Auditorium contains 600 seats, 450 in the hall and 150 in the balcony. It is rich in historical, religious and artistic features, with an emphasis on combining symbols of the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The Lobby

We invite you to exhibit your art at the YMCA! As part of the vision of the Jerusalem International YMCA, we offer a space so that artists from all over the world can present their works. We are delighted to offer the authentic and historic beautiful YMCA lobby which is a work of art in itself – as a space for art exhibitions. As we travel though time, between; the past and present, it is also our priority to ensure the vividness of our values at the venue of the mind, body and spirit.

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YMCA lecture hall

The Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is suitable for hosting conferences, lectures and events. It contains about 120 seats, or 80 seats when placed around tables.

YMCA boardroom

The Boardroom

This room was renovated in 2017 while maintaining its original character and style, including the artistic ceiling that was preserved in its entirety. It can accommodate up to 50 people and features equipment such as an automatic scroll screen, projector, speakers and microphone.

YMCA open areas

Open Areas

The YMCA has several outdoor venues for hosting various events:

  • The front veranda, adorned with beautiful arches that carry elements from the three religions.
  • The back arcade, located in a blooming and pastoral garden, is an ideal place for events during the many months of pleasant weather in Jerusalem.
  • The spacious front lawn
YMCA building

The YMCA Building

he YMCA, the work of the same architect who designed the Empire State Building in New York, was declared by the Jerusalem Municipality to be a national heritage site due to its classical structure and the many historical, religious and spiritual elements depicted throughout the edifice. During its storied history, the building has hosted international organizations and hundreds of famous people who have stayed at the hotel, dined in the restaurant and debated politics in the lounge, as well as thousands of others who simply enjoy the wide variety of sports and services that the YMCA offers to the general public.

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