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Zumba combines elements of Latin dance styles such as salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggaeton, flamenco, samba and tango into enjoyable dance routines with energizing music. Emphasis is on the FUN! The energy is so contagious that it feels like you are at a club with your friends. Zumba EXTREME classes also offer a combination of dance with high-intensity interval training.

In short: Ditch the workout – join the party!


Zumba Extreme

Fun and spicy class delivered to your favorite pop/hip-hop/rock/Latin/country tunes featuring athletic elements such as endurance and plyometrics. This class will bring out the crazy sexy inner dancer in you.

In short: Dance wild, work hard and laugh all the way through!

Cardio and sculpt

Cardio & Sculpt

Combining cardiovascular endurance with body shaping, each lesson includes approximately 40 minutes of dance aerobics followed by 20 minutes of body sculpting and stretching. The classes are suitable for all levels— everyone can join in and progress at their own pace.

In short: Enjoy both worlds

Body sculpt

Body Sculpt / Power Conditioning

A total body conditioning workout to increase muscle tone, bone density and flexibility through resistance training and relaxing stretches using equipment and body weight. The classes are suitable for all levels—everyone can join in and progress at their own pace.

In short: Increase your strength and feel good

Functional training

Functional Training

Functional training, as its name implies, is designed to improve your daily movement as well as performance during training. Along with strengthening the body, the class is designed to improve posture and range of motion. The classes are suitable for all levels—everyone can join in and progress at their own pace

In short: Improve daily functioning

Bootcamp HIIT


A class designed to improve strength, balance and coordination as well as functional ability, independence and quality of life. The class is suited to people with osteoporosis or those at risk of developing osteoporosis.

In short: Contribute to bone health

Bootcamp HIIT

Boot Camp / HIIT / Commando

High intensity interval training workout is proven to be the best, most efficient way to burn fat, increase strength and super charge your body fitness.

In short: Invest and see results



A multilevel, high energy cardiovascular workout on specially-designed stationary bicycles. This is a no-impact workout set to motivating music and suitable for anyone from a beginner to an elite athlete. New participants MUST arrive 10 minutes before the class to learn how to adjust the bike for safety and efficiency. This class is also suitable for those who do not know how to ride a bike.

In short: Enjoy the great indoors



A water exercise class to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Water aerobics benefits your body by providing you with 12 times the resistance of land-based classes with only 10% of the stress on your body.

In short: A cool way to get in shape

Bootcamp HIIT

Yoga (Integrative)

A class based on an ancient discipline of coordinated breathing and movement to promote balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation. This workout is designed to reduce stress, energize and promote a feeling of well-being. It integrates Feldenkrais and Pilates with classical Yoga poses.

In short: Align your body, mind and spirit

Bootcamp HIIT


This technique combines breathing exercises, yoga postures and meditation in a more active form of Integrated Yoga. It contributes to posture, breathing, flexibility and strength as well as the sense of peace.

In short: To leave the workout relaxed

Bootcamp HIIT

Soft Flow

Classes begin with a gradual warm-up and then combine yoga, movement and breathing exercises against the background of relaxing music.

In short: Soft, pleasant and relaxed

Bootcamp HIIT


This popular exercise was developed to achieve optimal strength and flexibility by focusing on proper alignment and form. Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and back for improved posture and injury prevention.

In short: Lengthen and stabilize

Bootcamp HIIT

Pilates & Movement

Based on the Pilates method to improve posture and movement, classes are at a slower pace with a lower level of difficulty.

In short: Mobility and stability at your own pace

Bootcamp HIIT

Roll and Move

A treatment recommended by sports rehabilitation experts, coaches and elite athletes. Massage balls and foam rollers are used for self-massage in order to re-hydrate, improve range of movement, sports performance and recovery from injuries. TRX exercises are incorporated to improve posture and mobility.

In short: Self massage for better mobility – Magic!

Bootcamp HIIT


Based on anatomical and physiological principles, gentle, non-strenuous movements help to reeducate the nervous system for improved posture and efficiency of movement. Often referred to as “awareness through movement,” Feldenkrais provides therapeutic benefits for people of all ages to help overcome disabilities.

In short: The results speak for themselves

Bootcamp HIIT

Balanced Body

A class that integrates a wide variety of techniques such as yoga, Pilates and ballet through flowing movements that improve balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion. Functional use of our own body weight improves muscle strength without the need for equipment. Calming background music promotes the flow of movement for a full body-and-mind experience.

In short: Healthy and diverse

Bootcamp HIIT

Men's Fitness

Designed for men to improve strength, muscle tone, posture and flexibility with a full body workout. Classes are taught in a pleasant atmosphere combining physical fitness with a social experience.

In short: For social and fitness enthusiasts

Bootcamp HIIT


Reminiscent of dance training, the class is based on three techniques: Pilates, yoga and ballet. Unlike “regular” strength exercise, it works on the extension and contraction of muscles, improving function and tone. This method also focuses on correcting movement and posture from head to toe.

In short: Sculpted and shapely muscles

Bootcamp HIIT


These exercises work the entire body through spinal movement and joint articulation. Based on the body’s natural ability to go forward and backward and side to side and with circular and spiral motions, the movements incorporate natural breathing patterns and are rhythmic and fluid.

In short: The art of circular motion

Bootcamp HIIT

Dance Pilates

This class is designed for seniors who want to improve their fitness, coordination and mobility through fun rhythmic movements taken from many styles of dance. The class also includes gentle Pilates mat exercises.

In short: Body and soul

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