Peace Preschool

The YMCA’s bilingual and multicultural preschool was established in response to the need for quality education and to promote the values of equality, multiculturalism and tolerance among the children of Jerusalem. Established in 1982 by Josie Mendelson, our educational philosophy places the child at the center of a safe and peaceful environment, while instilling in him or her the values of cooperation and brotherhood.

Last chance to register for YMCA’s bilingual Peace Pre-school! Join a community that promotes equality, multiculturalism and tolerance among the children of Jerusalem. There are only a few places left. For details and registration, please contact the Pre-school Director: Alexandra Klein-Franke | 054-5200749 |

The preschool accommodates children from six months to five years old, adapting each one to his age group and focusing on individual development. With a wide range of activities including music, swimming, crafts and sports, children can develop their creativity and capabilities. Facilities include a playground, large sandbox and a well-equipped sensory motor room (gymboree).

There are meetings in the classroom twice a day, where kids learn about the seasons, holidays, nature and other timely subjects and topics. The staff undergoes several professional training courses throughout the year to improve the learning experience.

In each classroom there is a Hebrew and Arabic speaking teacher, allowing the children a diverse experience. The kids learn to speak both languages fluently, enabling them to vastly broaden their horizons and possibilities for the future beyond the limits of their mother tongue.

Mother with child
Kids on bi cushions

A special emphasis is placed on building a warm community among the families of the children. When the day ends, parents are invited for one hour storytelling in Hebrew and Arabic, along with games, arts and crafts. This enables parents to deepen their acquaintance with one another and build friendships that will continue beyond the preschool in the years to come.

The school is open to every child and to parents who share the goal of a multicultural and bilingual education and who wish to fulfill tomorrow’s dream of trust and partnership today. Some of the kids attending this year have parents who also went to the Peace Preschool, and so the values we cherish are passed on from generation to generation.

Hours and days of activity:

Sunday through Thursday: 7:30–16:00
Friday: 7:30–12:30

During this time, the children receive breakfast, a hot lunch, and fruit for healthy snacks.

The preschool is open from September to July. It is closed in August.


Alexandra Klein-Franke, director.
Phone: (054) 520-0749; (02) 569-2681.

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